How to Buy Christmas Presents for Your Wife

how to buy Christmas presents for your wife

While this may seem like a mundane and uninteresting topic, buying the correct presents for your wife for the holidays can strongly enhance your relationship. By the same token, not taking the necessary care can seriously hurt your relationship.

Let us look at it from her perspective. Imagine she opened the perfect present on Christmas morning. Something that is just for her, that was specifically chosen because it was something that she wanted. Imagine how that would make her feel.

With that in mind, I’m going to offer you the most important 3 steps that you need to take to find that perfect present. Or, even better, those perfect presents.

Step 1. Find out her preferences. By this we are referring to generalities, not specific. Find out your wife’s favorite colour, her favourite of her body parts, her favourite time of day; whatever you can think of that can help you to start looking.

Step 2 Ask her friends. Tell them that you are looking for the perfect presents this holiday season. This will have two positive effects; It will actually help you to find the gifts that work, plus it will make you a hero in the eyes of her friends. Get her friends talking you up to her will certainly boost her opinion of you.

Step 3. Make sure that the gift is only for her. We alluded to this earlier but it bares repeating. Make sure that her presents are only for her: No cookware, no vacuum cleaner, no lingerie (unless, of course, the sales lady insists that this lingerie is very comfortable) It is okay to buy a gift or two that can also be used by other members of the family, but this is only after the perfect gifts are revealed.

Step 4. Listen to her. You simply never know when she is going to mention that perfect gift to you in passing. She might tell you about a painting that reminder her of a happy time, or a piece of music that the two of you shared while you were dating.

If you are anything like me, your wife will tell you that she does not need or want anything. Don’t be taken in! If she awakens Christmas morning and finds that there are no presents for her you are in deep trouble.

The same goes if she finds the wrong presents there. Begin now to fix and solidify your marriage; make this Christmas the best Christmas.

The Benefits of Small Talk


Benefits of small talk

I hate small talk. I really do. I feel very uncomfortable when I’m standing near someone, for whatever reason, and he or she makes a comment about the weather. I’m familiar with weather. Chances are, I’ve been experiencing the weather all day.

The problem is that even though I don’t like it, small talk has some very real benefits. In fact, it has a very wide and far reaching range of benefits. Clearly, mastery of this skill can improve your social life, it can have a positive impact on your state of mind and your emotions if you let it. But did you also know that it can help you in your career?

I’m going to outline a few of the benefits that becoming a good small talker can bring.

Social benefits

No one likes to feel alone. If you are like me in that you don’t like small talk, you might also be like me in that you don’t have many friends. While you’re not likely to become best friends just because you initiated a conversation with someone, it could certainly help fill a loneliness void that might exist.

Getting your face out of your smart phone is also a benefit. Instead of staring at your smartphone, checking Facebook posts….AGAIN, it could afford you the opportunity to get some social time in person instead of virtually.

Career benefits

That guy standing near you in line might not be just a casual stranger that you have no interest in talking to. In fact, talking about the poor economic outlook might just lead to “Oh, you have an aptitude in that area, I happen to know a guy…”

And then it starts. By some coincidence, suddenly you’re in touch with someone who could possibly advance your career. I saw it happen in the store at which I used to work. A colleague of mine went from an under-employed retail worker to a very happy flight attendant.

Personal Development

Sometimes, a little small talk can lead to major problem solving help. How many times have you gotten an idea while in the shower, or walking your dog or just thinking about something else? How about thinking out loud for a change.

You’re not asking anyone for help, you’re simply making small talk. Sometimes the responses that you get can really jog your creativity and imagination.

Through seemingly idle chit-chat, we really can make major improvements in our lives… try it.